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Best Spa Massage Service Provider in Gulshan | Spa Which You Love

Spa Massage Service

Get to Know Gulsha Body Spa Center

You are most Welcome to the Best Spa Massage Center in Gulshan.

We specialize in therapeutic spa massages for people in Dhaka who are looking for relief from workday stress, tension, and aches and pains from rigorous activities. Our al of staff is dedicated to nurturing Guests, and their well-being with the utmost gentle attention, care, and relaxation.
You don’t need to wait to get the service. Our friendly staff and experienced therapists make you happy as per your requirements.

Why are we the best spa in Gulshan area?

There are many reasons to make the best spa massage service provider in Gulshan.

First friendly and skilled full communication staff second-most experienced therapist. Thirst needed and clean service place and comfortable cold environments.


Gulsha Body Spa Center

Our Services

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Massage is one kind of spa massage. But its name or elements came from Thailand. Also, it's called Thai culture or Tradition Massage. CALL: 01880186530

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage is one kind of eighteen Plus spa massage. Massage providers use their bodies and particular some limbs with Massage receiver limbs.

Back & Shoulder Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage is extremely relaxing, and it is effective in relieving any tension headaches, stimulating nerves, boosting blood circulation, and alleviating stiffness in the upper body.

Oil Massage

There are thousands of Spa Massage available worldwide, Oil massage is one of them. All spa massages use oil but this particular massage use some extra category Oil.

Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage

Generally, any kids of massage completed by one person but the Four Hand Massage need two people and they use their Four hands. It is called the four hands Massage.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is designed to relax the whole body by rubbing the muscles in long, gliding strokes towards the return of blood to the heart.

Foot Spa Massage

A Foot Spa massage involves working on the feet with pressure, either manually or with mechanical aids to promote relaxation and health.

Body Scrub Massage

Body Scrub Massage

Body scrub massage is one kind of spa massage where body scrub. There are many more benefits to scrubbing that can help your skin reach its full potential. Gulshan Body Spa now provides this.

VIP City Palace Massage

Gulshan Body Spa Logo

VIP City Palace Massage is Gulshan Body Spa Service Center especial spa massage for package. It's only provide our some special VIP Gust. Generally who are regulars and get their requirement.

Gulsha Body Spa Center

our popular packages

Body Scroub with Back and Shoulder

Body Scroubwith Back and Shoulder

60 Minutes= 6000 BDT 90 Minutes= 9000 BDT CALL: 01880186530


Body Spa Relaxation Massage

60 Minutes= 7000 BDT 90 Minutes= 10000 BDT CALL: 01880186530

Gulshan Spa Special Package

60 Minutes= 7000 BDT 90 Minutes= 10000 BDT CALL: 01880186530

Dry Foot with Head Massage

Dry Foot with Head Massage

60 Minutes= 5000 BDT 90 Minutes= 7500 BDT CALL: 01880186530

Four Hand and Oil Massage

Four Hand and Oil Massage

60 Minutes= 10000 BDT 90 Minutes= 14000 BDT CALL: 01880186530

Thai Traditional and Oil Massage

Thai Traditional and Oil Massage

60 Minutes= 4500 BDT

90 Minutes= 6000 BDT

CALL: 01880186530z

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